Change mattresses sheets more often:

The whole set for the bed must always be clean and taken care of. The fundamental reason is hygienic: it prevents the proliferation of bacteria, dust mites and dirt that can lead to allergies and health problems of various kinds. Another reason, however, is also a night’s rest.

You have certainly noticed how pleasant it is to wear fresh pajamas of laundry and slip between equally clean and fresh sheets. If you haven’t slept so well lately, try to take better care of your bed!

Change pajamas and sheets more often:

Whatever your habits, try changing pajamas and sheets more often, even every day. The feeling of a “new” bed every night is worth the effort! Thoroughly wash sheets and pillowcases, mattress covers, bedspreads. Wash down duvets regularly or take them to the laundry. Choose neutral detergents and pay attention to the fragrances of any softeners, as they could interfere with the quality of sleep.

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Choose the kit based on the season:

Sheets, pajamas, and blankets must be carefully chosen for each season and naturally adapted to personal needs. Body temperature during the night is important and to sleep well it needs to be balanced. Some in winter prefer warming and light clothing, but for others, it is important to feel wrapped in pajamas and warm, soft sheets. Experiment and check what is your ideal condition to sleep well?

Choose the colors and patterns you love:

Don’t care about fashion or your age. Take some time to choose sheets, bedspreads, duvets, pillows and any other furniture for the bed. Choose the patterns and colors that you like best, pamper yourself and treat yourself! If you sleep as a couple, choose your favorite colors together, if you have children, involve them in the choice or buy blankets or sheets for them with their favorite cartoon heroes.

Take care of the mattress to have a clean bed:

The mattress also needs cleaning and maintenance. Using the mattress cover is important to prevent dirt and moisture. But the mattress still needs to be aerated, so left without laundry for a few hours, possibly in sunlight. The latest generation mattresses are also made with breathable, non-toxic and anti-mite fabrics that promote proper hygiene. If your mattress is old, maybe it’s time to change it with sheets and blankets!