Mattress hardness:

Hardness 5 of natural latex and latex mattresses

Latex is a generally rather solid material. The degree of hardness cannot be influenced here by the processing and production of the material itself. Instead, manufacturers combine the material for the desired fine-tuning with other materials. The point elasticity can be dampened with horsehair, for example, and the feeling of lying down can be made even firmer. Latex coconut provides natural mattresses for a firm sleeping pad with optimal ventilation. When grade 5 is important to ensure not to get too much strength.

Hardness 5 in spring mattresses

For spring mattresses, wire thickness is just as crucial as the number of turns in terms of hardness. 5-grade mattresses have about 3 mm wire thickness. They are very firm and less yielding. The number of contained springs and the integration of these also plays into the reclining comfort. Pocket spring and pocket spring mattresses have high point elasticity. The feathers are sewn in fleece pockets and stored individually. Bonell spring cores are connected to each other and react elastically. Only a point-elastic effect promotes ergonomic lying comfort. Read about how can i stop sleeping on my stomach


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